Tuesday, August 21, 2007

ITC For the SEA Games’ IT Works

Mr. Supachai Jongsiri, the Chairman of Information Technology and Communication Committee, the 24th SEA Games 2007 and the 4th ASEAN Para Games 2007, reveals that recently the preparation of information technology system for the 24th SEA Games 2007, all fields were ready to easy and rapid information service and report the result of SEA Games’ competition, which the IT SEA Games consist of as follows.

(i) The Results System is the system to collect and store the competition’s information including report the competition result, which connect with all stadiums for reliable, convenient and easy of data collection and report the competition result.

(ii) The SEA Games Organizing Management consist of a Accreditation for the registration and making the identity card for all persons who joining the games, the Village System is using for the resident management of athletes and staffs in the athletes village.

(iii) The Info System is the system to display the information about the competition, the data for report the competition result, Time Table and other information, which service to the committees, athletes, staffs, any press and general persons.

(iv) The Information Service via Internet System is the system to provide any information of the competition, the reliable and rapid on-line report of the competition result, which the bureau organized the Official Web Site at http://www.2007seagames.com

(v) The Broadcast Television System is the Graphic System for TV Host Broadcaster that connecting with the Results System, to interface and select the Graphic Template to facilitated to efficiently display together with live broadcast’s picture

(vi) The Commentator Information System (CIS) is the system to services the On-Line Real Time information to the commentators of the live broadcast television, which raise the convenience of the commentators by connecting the information with the Results System to display information such as Time Table, Start List, Results and Biographies to perform on the lecture of live broadcast television.

(vii) The Information Service System for any press at Main Press Center and Sub Press Center, which will install modern and efficiently computer system for 900 computers and communication system to service information immediately and whole time “In addition to the proceeding of IT system for the 24th SEA Games, Information Technology and Communication Committee will design, plan, develop the system and prepare the modern tasks in order to use IT system with highest efficiency” Mr. Supachai said.

Source from Information Technology & Communication Committee Date: August 09 2007.

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